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Your Independent Provider

Yapacopia registered, independent providers represent dozens of insurance carriers. Not just one. Your provider does the legwork for you at no added cost. Letting carriers compete for your business. Finding you the best available options from a variety of top-rated firms.

Yapacopia providers have at least 5 years experience, and must meet our high standards for service and quality. When you request a quote, we’ll find you the local provider who is best qualified to help with your individual needs.

  • Experienced, independent providers
  • Insurance companies compete for you
  • More options mean better value

Already Have an Independent Provider?

Tell your provider about Yapacopia. There’s no fee to join, and you’ll be able to support local charities via your existing and future policies. If you'd like us to contact your provider about joining Yapacopia, please email feedback@yapacopia.com.

Meet Our Providers

David Costello

Jude Winterhalter

Mike Pelosi

Steve Griswold

Mikey Brokersly


″I'd never worked with a provider before. It was so much better. It didn’t cost any extra, and I now have coverage that really fits my needs.″

What Do You Insure?

Our providers work with leading providers to cover all your needs.

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How Charities Benefit

Charities receive annual donations, every time you renew your policy.

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What They Say

Hear what actual customers have to say about using Yapacopia.

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