Free Professional Help

Buying Home Insurance


We offer this free process to help all consumers. The MatchUP Service offers the following benefits:


  1. Professional Assistance in Purchasing Insurance. A California insurance professional will help you purchase a FAIR Plan policy, and if you wish, will also look into the greater carrier market to find insurance.
  2. Free Replacement Cost Estimate. When available, You will receive an evaluation outlining replacement costs of your home. We offer this added value as a way to inform your insurance purchase process.
  3. Home, Auto, Rental & Umbrella Insurance Guide. Get immediate download access to ‘Wise UP: The Savvy Consumers Guide to Buying Insurance’. (PDF, Mobi, ePub) Produced by United Policyholders, an insurance advocacy non-profit organization that has worked for 30 years improving insurance outcomes for all consumers.


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