Take the

“Home Insurance Challenge”


United Policyholders has worked for 25 years improving insurance outcomes for all consumers. We offer this 5 minute process to you to fully understand your Home Insurance coverage.
You will get the following benefits:


  1. Home, Auto, Rental & Umbrella Insurance Guide. Get immediate access to United Policyholders new eBook, Wise UP: The Savvy Consumers Guide to Buying Insurance. (PDF, Mobi, ePub)
  2. Professional Review. A local independent insurance professional will review your coverage, using United Policyholder’s 14 point Home Insurance Check-Up list (see below).
  3. Home Valuation by e2Value®. e2Value®’s EVS™ program will provide you with an accurate replacement valuation for your property. We thank them for providing this service directly to the public for the first time.
  4. Emergency Kit & Donation to Your Charity of Choice. Improve your policy as a result of this challenge and receive your choice of a home, car, or office emergency preparedness kit. Your Broker will donate 20% of their earnings, this year and every year, to any charity you choose.


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