United Policyholders & Yapacopia

Yapacopia and United Policyholders have a lot in common: we're both committed to making sure you get the best insurance information and policies possible. Now you can buy insurance locally through Yapacopia and support United Policyholders in the process, with a donation that doesn't come out of your pocket. Yapacopia connects caring people to local insurance brokers who share their earnings with charities in their communities. Take a minute to find out if your current policies for home, auto, health, group benefits (group health), liability or life can generate yearly donations for UP or any other cause you support. There is no cost for the service, no added cost on your insurance (that's the law), and in California you can take a tax deduction for the donation.

    What to expect from a Yapacopia premier local agency
  • Keep a current policy or upgrade
  • Access to National Carriers
  • Local expertise and risk assessment
  • Donations earn tax deductions for CA residents
  • You direct the money flow to your favorite charities

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As the nation's leading voice and information resource for insurance consumers, United Policyholders welcomes Yapacopia's service. Their goal is to connect you with the kind of insurance agent you want: An experienced and consumer-oriented expert who will help protect your assets with the right insurance company at the right price.

Amy Bach - Executive Director United Policyholders

How it Works

Yapacopia is a whole new way to find and buy insurance. To say "thank you" for your business, your independent provider will donate 30% of their commission to United Policyholders in your name.

It's Better

With Yapacopia, you get the customized coverage and personalized service that comes only from working with an independent provider. (California residents receive a tax deduction for the charitable contribution.) Independent providers find great customers, like you. And charities continue to receive annual donations each year you are with a Yapacopia provider.

Ready to find great insurance and help United Policyholders?

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