We’re partnering with non-profit United Policyholders, which has worked for 25 years improving insurance outcomes for all consumers, to offer this service for our supporters to find home insurance. The process offers the following for FREE:

  1. Home, Auto, Rental & Umbrella Insurance Guide. Get immediate access to United Policyholders new eBook, Wise UP: The Savvy Consumers Guide to Buying Insurance. (PDF, Mobi, ePub)
  2. Professional Review. A local independent insurance professional will review your coverage with you, using United Policyholder’s 14 point Home Insurance Check-Up list (see below). You will learn what you have and what you need. The difference is the ability to recover from disaster.
  3. Home Valuation by e2Value®. As the leading provider of web-based property valuation solutions, e2Value®’s Pronto program will provide a replacement valuation for your property.


CLICK HERE United Policyholders Home Insurance Check List

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We know that many of our neighbors and community members are having difficulty finding home insurance. The Match UP Home Insurance Finder form will connect homeowners with licensed insurance professionals that can assist in finding a pathway to insurance.