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Finding Home Insurance


We offer this free process to help all consumers, but especially those that have had some difficulty in getting home insurance, find and buy coverage. Yapacopia, a Public Benefit Corporation, offers the following benefits in this service:


  1. Professional Assistance in Purchasing Insurance. Local insurance professionals will use the information you provide to shop your insurance needs to multiple carriers.
  2. Password Protected Personal Review Page. You will receive an email with access details to your personal page to review quotes and interact with the insurance professionals assisting you in the process. This service has the ability to engage multiple professionals to assist in finding coverage.
  3. Home, Auto, Rental & Umbrella Insurance Guide. Get immediate access to ‘Wise UP: The Savvy Consumers Guide to Buying Insurance’. (PDF, Mobi, ePub) Produced by United Policyholders (UP), an insurance advocacy non-profit organization that has worked for 25 years improving insurance outcomes for all consumers.
  4. Donation to Your Charity of Choice. As a Public Benefit Corporation, this service is dedicated to building better communities by providing access to professional assistance, and giving to local charities. If we succeed in assisting your home insurance purchase, we will make a donation to any charity you choose.


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