Second Harvest Food Bank & Yapacopia

Second Harvest Food Bank introduces Yapacopia to our community. Yapacopia is a new, and we think better, way to find and buy the insurance coverage we all need. You get choice, professional assistance, and a better insurance value; and Second Harvest Food Bank receives donations. When you buy through a Yapacopia broker Second Harvest Food Bank receives a $20 thank you donation directly from Yapacopia. Second Harvest Food Bank also receives 20% of your broker's commission this year and every year you stay with a Yapacopia broker.

Get a lot more for your 15 minutes. Yapacopia.

  • Get free professional insurance assistance
  • Choose from multiple insurance quotes, not just one
  • Auto, homeowners', umbrella, workers' comp and general liability policies
  • You get the deduction for the donation!

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At first, I couldn’t believe how many people in my community depended on the groceries we give out. Every Wednesday and Thursday, hundreds of people come here to pick up food. Everybody volunteers with a lot of heart. As a volunteer, I try to treat everyone with respect. When I help my community, I help myself.

Sandra - Volunteer

How it Works

Yapacopia is a whole new way to find and buy insurance. To say "thank you" for your business, your independent provider will donate 30% of their commission to Second Harvest Food Bank in your name.

It's Better

With Yapacopia, you get the customized coverage and personalized service that comes only from working with an independent provider. (California residents receive a tax deduction for the charitable contribution.) Independent providers find great customers, like you. And charities continue to receive annual donations each year you are with a Yapacopia provider.

Ready to find great insurance and help Second Harvest Food Bank?

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