MSI-Integrity & Yapacopia

Creating value for the Non-Profit community from the necessary expense of insuring property, business and health, is what Yapacopia is all about. Directing some of that value to MSI-Integrity, to further their goal of understanding the effectiveness of working to create a better world, is what this page is all about. Try the best way to buy insurance here today, There is a better way.

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Amelia Evans - co-founder MSI-Integrity

How it Works

Yapacopia is a whole new way to find and buy insurance. To say "thank you" for your business, your independent provider will donate 30% of their commission to The Institute for Multi-Stakeholder Initiative Integrity in your name.

It's Better

With Yapacopia, you get the customized coverage and personalized service that comes only from working with an independent provider. (California residents receive a tax deduction for the charitable contribution.) Independent providers find great customers, like you. And charities continue to receive annual donations each year you are with a Yapacopia provider.

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