United Policyholders 6 Month Survey Results on the 2015 Valley Fire, Lake County, California

    • 53% of survey respondents do not have enough insurance to cover the cost of repairing, replacing or rebuilding their house by an average of $103,000
    • 64% of survey respondents reported they do not have enough insurance to replace their belongings by an average of $87,600
    • 53% of survey respondents reported that their insurance company did not explain depreciation and what they need to do to collect the full replacement value on depreciated items
        • Will this policy be adequate if I have a total or large loss? Will it cover the cost of rebuilding my home to its pre-loss condition, including demolition, debris removal and replacement of the foundation and roof to current building code standards?
        • What causes of loss are not covered?
        • What discounts do you offer and how do I qualify for them?
        • What items are subject to limits or exclusions and for which of these limits or exclusions should I consider adding coverage?
        • How much can I save if I increase my deductible? Is there more than one deductible in the policy? Is the deductible waived if there is a large loss?
        • Is my Coverage C (Personal Property) for Replacement or Actual Cash Value? If replacement value is not included, what would it cost to add this coverage?
        • What are my options for insuring my home-based business property and operations?
        • Do I have enough coverage to replace my unique or special items such as electronics, piano, jewelry, fine art, oriental rugs, wine, collectibles, etc.?
        • For how long will my temporary rent and related expenses be covered while my home is being repaired or rebuilt after a loss? Is there a total dollar cap, monthly cap or time limit on this coverage? Do you offer a policy with two years of Additional Living Expense coverage?
        • If someone sues me, will my liability coverage pay for legal fees?
        • Is my Coverage E (Personal Liability) limit enough to protect my assets and future income? If not, what does umbrella coverage cost?
        • What does umbrella coverage cost?
        • What if construction costs jump as they often do after disasters?
        • Will my insurance cover the cost to upgrade electrical, plumbing and other building codes upgrades if I have to make repairs or rebuild my home?
        • Are there limits in this policy on replacing property if there’s a need to match or if damage is considered cosmetic only?.


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