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California voters approved Prop 103 allowing commission rebates to increase competition and add value for consumers. Yapacopia was created to direct you to local brokers that give rebates, to put that money back into your hands, or send that money to your favorite charity. You win, the local economy wins, and your charity wins. That's Yapacopia.

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How it Works

Yapacopia is a whole new way to find and buy insurance. To say "thank you" for your business, your independent provider will donate 30% of their commission to SF SPCA in your name.

It's Better

With Yapacopia, you get the customized coverage and personalized service that comes only from working with an independent provider. (California residents receive a tax deduction for the charitable contribution.) Independent providers find great customers, like you. And charities continue to receive annual donations each year you are with a Yapacopia provider.

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