At Yapacopia, we see a circle of benefits where every stakeholder wins as the first step in creating a sustainable economy. Giveback needs to be in each company’s DNA. Our Insurance Finder is the first of many areas that can follow this sustainable model. It’s also a way for people to return to buying local and directly supporting their communities.


Our founder, Chris McCloy, developed the model for Yapacopia over years of being involved in the insurance world and finding it lacking. No one wants to talk about insurance. It’s not sexy, and no one likes to think about it unless they need it. By adding a charitable contribution, and enhanced local value, all of a sudden it’s a hot topic. One you talk about and tell your friends about. Who doesn’t want to give more to charity, especially at no personal cost? On the flip side, what broker doesn’t want more customers at a lower acquisition cost? And what charity doesn’t want an increase in recurring donations with no effort? The model was born.