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Yapacopia Adds Health and Life Insurance to its Online Financial Services Platform that Promotes and Rewards Shopping Local

Donations from Commissions Support Local Charities

San Francisco, November 5, 2015 – Yapacopia, a San Francisco-based financial technology benefit corporation that encourages shopping locally for financial services including insurance through socially responsible independent agencies, announced today that it has added health insurance providers and life insurance providers to its online platform.

“We’re excited to expand our provider base to include local insurance professionals handling individual health, group health and benefits, and life insurance,” said yapacopia founder and CEO Chris McCloy. “We’re a platform for finding local financial service providers who give back to the community, starting with insurance. We are giving consumers the ability to shop for something they already have – insurance – in a whole new way. It’s a new paradigm for enriching the local economy and the community.”

The yapacopia platform allows independent insurance agencies to drive new business and acquire customers by using the yapacopia service to become more socially responsible corporate citizens.

“We are incentivizing local independent agencies, through the yapacopia service, to donate a substantial portion of their earned commissions to their customers’ favorite charity or charities, allowing the customer to direct a charitable donation at no cost to themselves. Another benefit — and something that is unique to California — is the ability to give this money back to the customer to donate or do with it as they choose. This benefit, made possible in 1988 through Prop 103, makes the money that is donated to charity by the broker tax deductible to the customer.

The consumer gets a tax deduction, a local charity gets a donation and the local agency has an actionable way to be socially responsible. It’s a triple win,” added McCloy.

Regardless of whether or not consumers donate their rebate, yapacopia donates a portion of every transaction completed through the platform to one of its founding charities – GLIDE, Edgewood Foundation, San Francisco SPCA, Meals on Wheels and About Face.

Taking “Shop Local” to Another Level

Yapacopia was founded on the principle that shopping locally is advantageous for consumers and the economy. In shopping for insurance, consumers benefit from working with local independent insurance brokers who actually live in the community have familiarity and expertise with the local market.

“The Bay Area has been the epicenter of the shop local movement. But when people hear ‘shop local,’ they think locally grown food and produce. We are taking ‘shop local’ to another level and disrupting how business works — by encouraging consumers to shop for insurance locally and taking advantage of local expertise. Local brokers know the market, which insurance carriers are currently offering the best value for a particular type of local client, and are sensitive to the needs of local residents. And, we’re giving these brokers an opportunity to give back to their communities. We want to be the gateway for socially responsible financial services companies.”

Yapacopia plans to expand its platform to include other financial service offerings such as accounting, banking, wealth management and real estate.

About yapacopia

Yapacopia is a whole new way to shop for and buy insurance. The socially responsible independent brokers on the yapacopia platform give back to their communities by donating 20%-40% of their commissions to a local charity designated by their customers. Based in San Francisco, yapacopia is a Certified Benefit Corp. For more, visit

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